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Need Help Packing Up?

e-box offers a packing service should you not feel up to doing it yourself or need assistance.

If you require packing assistance, give us a call to discuss your needs or requirements.

Important: We only offer this value-added service in Cape Town CBD, surrounding areas and towns.

*All our boxes are manufactured with CC board grade which is exceptionally strong.

  • packing tape

    Packing Tape

    Purpose: Seals boxes Size: 100m (1 Roll = ±10 boxes)

    R35.15 Add to cart
  • tape Dispenser

    Tape Dispenser

    Makes sealing easier and saves time

    R69.00 Add to cart
  • Marking Pen

    Marking pen

    To mark contents of box and stay organised.

    R19.85 Add to cart
  • Cushion Craft

    Cushion Craft (per metre)

    Purpose: Special wrap Tv’s, Paintings, Furniture etc. Size:1225 mm wide

    R18.00 Add to cart
  • Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap (per metre)

    Purpose: Extra protect fine glass and standard wrap any item. Size: 1250 mm wide

    R9.00 Add to cart
  • Packing paper

    Packing Paper (per 5kg roll)

    Purpose: Protects and keeps contents clean Size: 5kg = ± 12 boxes

    R103.50 Add to cart
  • Corrugated Board

    Corrugated board (per metre)

    Purpose: Wrap even shape furniture. Size: 1500 mm wide

    R20.70 Add to cart
  • Fragile Sticker

    Fragile Stickers (per roll of 10)

    Purpose:For those real valuable items and glassware.

    R16.90 Add to cart
  • Mattress Bag

    Mattress bags

    Purpose: Cover mattresses and upholstered furniture. Size: 1840 mm x 2440 mm x 70 micron. One bag covers a Queen bed mattress.

    R54.60 Add to cart

About us

e-box, a Cape Town based company, supplies moving boxes and a range of packing supplies for people on the move. e-box can deliver to any nominated location in the Western Cape.

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