• crockery box

    Crockery Box

    Purpose:Glassware,books Size in mm (L x W x H):420 x 370 x 350 Tip: Pack plates on their side, not flat!

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  • box

    General Box

    Purpose:Small kitchen app., pots, Tupperware, ornaments, lamps Size in mm (L x W x H)::500 x 430 x 500 Tip: Do not pack with books or crockery, the box will be too heavy

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  • Linen Box

    Linen Box

    Purpose:Clothes, duvets, etc. Size in mm (L x W x H):850 x 450 x 450 Tip: Line the inside of the box with packing paper.

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  • Wine box

    Wine with divider

    Purpose:Wine Size in mm (L x W x H):308 x 229 x 310 Tip: For really expensive ones, contact us for advice.

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  • clothing box

    Wardrobe Box with Rail

    Purpose:Hanging clothes Size in mm (L x W x H):510 x 450 x 1000 Tip: You can put shoes, belts, ties etc at the bottom of the box and get more value for your money.

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  • Marking Pen

    Marking pen

    To mark contents of box and stay organised.

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  • Cushion Craft

    Cushion Craft (per metre)

    Purpose: Special wrap Tv’s, Paintings, Furniture etc. Size:1225 mm wide

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  • Bubble Wrap

    Bubble wrap (per metre)

    Purpose: Extra protect fine glass and standard wrap any item. Size: 1250 mm wide

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  • Packing paper

    Packing Paper (per 5kg roll)

    Purpose: Protects and keeps contents clean Size: 5kg = ± 12 boxes

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  • Corrugated Board

    Corrugated board (per metre)

    Purpose: Wrap even shape furniture. Size: 1500 mm wide

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  • Fragile Sticker

    Fragile Stickers (per roll of 10)

    Purpose:For those real valuable items and glassware.

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  • Mattress Bag

    Mattress bags

    Purpose: Cover mattresses and upholstered furniture. Size: 1840 mm x 2440 mm x 70 micron. One bag covers a Queen bed mattress.

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  • packing tape

    Packing Tape

    Purpose: Seals boxes Size: 100m (1 Roll = ±10 boxes)

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  • tape Dispenser

    Tape Dispenser

    Makes sealing easier and saves time

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  • Man wrapping boxes in plastic

    1 Bedroom Flat / Apartment

    Boxes:4 Crockery boxes,8 General boxes, 2 Linen boxes Supplies:1 Rolls packing tape, 5kg packing paper, 2 Mattress covers Accessories:1 Marking pen

    R786.00 Add to cart
  • Woman using a tape dispenser to close a box

    2 Bedroom House

    Boxes: 8 Crockery boxes, 12 General boxes, 4 Linen boxes Supplies: 2 Rolls packing tape, 5kg packing paper, 4 Mattress covers, 4m Bubble wrap Accessories: 1 Marking pen

    R1,323.00 Add to cart
  • e-box packages

    3 Bedroom House (Standard)

    Boxes:15 Crockery boxes, 20 General boxes, 8 Linen boxes Supplies: 4 Rolls packing tape, 10kg packing paper, 8 Mattress covers, 8m Bubble wrap Accessories:1 Marking pen

    R2,437.00 Add to cart
  • Couple packing their belongings into boxes

    3 Bedroom House (Large)

    Boxes: 20 Crockery boxes, 30 General boxes, 10 Linen boxes Supplies: 6 Rolls packing tape, 15kg packing paper, 12 Mattress covers, 12m Bubble wrap Accessories: 1 Marking pen

    R3,462.00 Add to cart
  • Man holding 3 boxes

    Starter Pack

    Boxes:5 Crockery boxes, 5 General boxes Supplies:1 Roll packing tape

    R381.00 Add to cart

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